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What are Condoms for Longer Sex?

What are Condoms for Longer Sex?
Are you satisfied with how long you can continue sex? Are you proud of how well you can make your partner happy during sex? Or do you hate yourself for always finishing your sex within a few minutes? Sex can be so exhilarating. The intensity and pleasure that comes with sex can throw you off your feet. If your partner is one who wants you to continue your sex longer, things might get tricky if you usually reach orgasm after just a few minutes.

About condoms for premature ejaculation control

Medically, the term "premature ejaculation" is used to describe a situation in which the man ejaculates right below 2 minutes after penetration. However, there are condoms that can make your sex longer. These are so-called "Benzocaine condoms" or "condoms for ejaculation control".

Many people want to know how benzocaine condoms work to help them last longer during sex. These condoms contain an ingredient called Benzocaine. Technically, when it is being marketed, it is said to be a local anesthetic. However, people are not so clear on what this substance is.

According to research, Benzocaine as a substance is known to be an effective panacea for men suffering from quick ejaculation. Just like thick condoms do well in preventing quick orgasms, the presence of Benzocaine can reduce the sensation men get from being engaged in sex. This reduction in strength of orgasms may not be so apparent to the man. However, they will notice that they can delay and control ejaculation during sex.


Benzocaine will not cause an effect immediately after it is used, as it takes several minutes before the impact can be felt.


The use of these condoms for extended pleasure is similar to regular condoms. The presence of the Benzocaine in them also does not undermine the benefits derived from regular condoms. The only difference one gets to feel with the use of the benzocaine condom is the numbing agent for extended pleasure.


After sex, there is a need to wash off the Benzocaine; otherwise, you may notice unwanted prolonged effects. Most manufacturers always have the instructions on use on the back of the product.

What are Condoms for Longer Sex?

Science Behind Condoms for Longer Sex

The science behind condoms for longer sex unveils intriguing insights into their potential impact on various facets of male sexual health.


It's crucial to acknowledge that individual responses to condoms for longer sex can vary. While they present a practical option for some, it's important to note that this method may not guarantee success for everyone dealing with premature ejaculation. Men are generally advised to explore a range of solutions, including natural supplements, for a more comprehensive approach to sexual health.


Ejaculation Control

Some studies suggest that using thicker or desensitizing condoms may contribute to better control over ejaculation. The reduced sensitivity can potentially delay climax, offering a practical option for those seeking ways to manage premature ejaculation.


Premature Ejaculation Prevention

Condoms, particularly those designed to prolong sexual activity, have shown promise in preventing premature ejaculation. The slight numbing effect can help individuals extend the duration of intercourse, providing a potential solution for those prone to early climax.


Erection Improvement

While not a primary function, certain condoms designed for longer-lasting sex may indirectly contribute to improved erections. By extending the duration of sexual activity, these condoms could foster a more sustained and satisfying experience.


Stress and Anxiety Reduction

The use of specialized condoms may aid in reducing stress and performance anxiety associated with concerns about premature ejaculation. Knowing that there is a practical tool available to extend the duration of intercourse can alleviate psychological pressures.


Performance Anxiety Management

Condoms designed for longer sex can be part of a holistic approach to managing performance anxiety. The additional time they provide may offer individuals a sense of control over their sexual encounters, potentially mitigating anxiety related to performance.


Reproductive Health Considerations

While not a direct focus, the use of condoms for longer sex may contribute to safer sexual practices, promoting overall reproductive health. However, the direct link between these condoms and comprehensive reproductive health improvement requires further exploration.

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Results of Treatment

Using these condoms for premature ejaculation control during sex brings the stimulation down a notch. This, coupled with a numbing gel, will grant a man more time for sex. However, making use of numbing agents will bring about a reduction in the pleasure they derive during sex. But it's worth it if a man can cope with it and push till the end.

Here are the main results you can acheive if you choose condoms for longer sex:

Prevention of premature ejaculation

Benzocaine condoms are known to be useful for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. They are worn in the same way as regular condoms, and they have just the same benefits. The benzocaine substance numbs the penis, hence, decreasing the sensation the man gets during sex.

When it comes to effectiveness, these condoms are not bad. However, they cause fewer sensations during sex. This substance can be so active that a man may fail to reach an orgasm. For the man, it seems as though he is working only for the partner. If the substance is not in high concentration, or not too powerful for the man, he reaches orgasm too quickly. Delaying orgasm works well for both parties; the aim is better achieved if a benzocaine gel is used only inside the condom. If you apply the substance directly without a condom, it causes you and your partner to feel numb




Results of Treatment

Improved confidence

Thanks to condoms for climax control, many men who have lost their confidence in sex, have gotten it back. Premature ejaculation causes men to lose their confidence, as they are not able to satisfy their female partners, who reach orgasm slower.

These men are unable to have sex with their partners just as they would want. Irrespective of the duration of suffering from this condition, the benzocaine condoms are effective in controlling ejaculation.

Condoms for premature ejaculation are highly effective in making your sex longer.
Every iota of lost confidence can be gotten back as you continue your sex more than 10 minutes longer than you would normally.

Guarantee and Clinical trails

Though findings are reviewed on the efficacy of these condoms, details of its effects are categorized as preliminary. This status remains until more information is being published in peer-reviewed journals.

According to medical professionals, there are bound to be men who are exceptions to the effects of these condoms. Every man will not react precisely to the use of Benzocaine; hence, there are sure to be men who will not see any positive result.

Moneyback Guarantee

Moneyback Guarantee

There is no guarantee on the effect you will get from the use of condoms for extended pleasure. Opinions are speculative and are based on reports from the Internet. Health blogs and websites lay claims to the role these condoms play in controlling premature ejaculation. However, there are no clinical trials to back up this fact.

As a result, no money-back guarantee can be provided for those who choose condoms for longer sex.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials

Men who have used these condoms are a testimonial to the efficacy, and facts are being drawn from this. However, there are no clinical trials that tell of the effect, side effects, and risks. The use of condoms for ejaculation control is still a new approach to premature ejaculation treatment.

They are said to curb premature ejaculation, but there are no words nor recommendations from different Urological Associations regarding its use.

Use of condoms for ejaculation delay is rather new, and until there are no medical reports based on clinical trials, facts remain speculative.

Side effects of Benzocaine condoms

The use of condoms for ejaculation control is more positive than negative. Generally, the method is safe, and there are no global side effects. This is because reactions and effect are purely based on individual body conditions. Different people react to the presence of the local anesthetics differently. Some end up being diagnosed as allergic to benzocaine.

Based on differences in bodily conditions, several side effects are likely to occur. The possible side effects that can result from the use of benzocaine condoms are:


Inability to maintain an erection

The purpose of condoms with Benzocaine to control premature ejaculation is not yet fully tested and trusted. And as said, the effect in different men vary. It is hard to ascertain how these condoms affect erection in a particular person. In some men, it is impossible to maintain an erection when using these condoms.


Erectile problems

Moreover, with the prolonged usage of these condoms, one might be faced with the erectile problems and complete inability of maintaining an erection. Hence, for some men, the best way to enjoy longer sex is to find other ways of preventing premature ejaculation.


Numbness of the penis

This is one common effect of the use of premature ejaculation condoms. It can bring about the insensitivity of the penis. During sex, a man fails to feel anything, which undermines the essence of sex. A man will control his ejaculations but the sensations and pleasure are all taken away. When these are out of sex for a man, the fun turns into hard work. Benzocaine works to decrease penile sensitivity, but in severe cases, these condoms may cause a complete numbness of the penis resulted in complete inability to reach orgasm.


Sexual dysfunctions

This is another side effect that might result. In this case, the man is faced with persistent and recurrent difficulty with sexual responses, desire, and orgasms. The use of condoms for longer sex can cause different sexual dysfunctions as well as dizziness, itching, and swelling.

Though the efficacy of this substance has been proved from numerous testimonials of men who have tried it out, side effects are common, too.
Hopefully, with further tests and recommendations from health institutions, way around these side effects can be found.

How to control ejaculation without benzocaine condoms?

Since benzocaine condoms may cause certain side effects and impact man's ability to get and maintain erections, doctors may recommend other options to control premature ejaculations.

What are the other options for ejaculation control?

Doctors do not often recommend the use of natural medications for premature ejaculation. However, this has been proven by health practitioners to be a guaranteed method to control premature ejaculation. These natural pills are known to get rid of the ejaculation problems, once and forever. Unlike other methods that provide only temporary solutions like numbing a penis, natural pills provide permanent effect.

Although these pills are usually not licensed by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America and different Health Institutes in Europe and Asia, they are clinically proven to help men stop the problem of quick ejaculation.

Benefits of pills for premature ejaculation treatment

These natural pills usually contain herbal ingredients with libido enhancing and ejaculation delaying properties. These pills might be taken alone or, in some cases, they are used to improve the effects of other techniques for premature ejaculation treatment like Kegel exercises and "Stop-Start" method.

Moreover, in addition to their ejaculation control options, these pills are clinically proven to:


Increase libido, which means better sexual desire and increased sex drive.


Improve erections, which can be very helpful if you use condoms with Benzocaine. In this case, getting and maintaining an erection becomes easier.


Reduce performance anxiety, which is often mentioned as a primary cause of quick ejaculation.

Stop Premature Ejaculation!

What are Condoms for Longer Sex?
Premature ejaculation is a phenomenon that remains unwanted in manhood, and any treatment that curbs it should be practiced. Condoms for premature ejaculation are a good option if a man wants to control and delay his ejaculations instantly. However, for a safe and permanent solution, it is recommended to try herbal medicine for premature ejaculation treatment.

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How to control ejaculation? The unique ingredients found in ProSolutionPlus™ herbal pills for premature ejaculation treatment improve libido, strengthen the erection, and help to treat premature ejaculation.

The safe and effective formulation found in ProSolutionPlus™ has a number of different ways in which it can help reduce or eliminate problems with premature ejaculation. There are seven different herbs in the ProSolutionPlus™ formula, all of which have libido enhancing and ejaculation delaying properties. It is possible to delay ejaculation and improve performance thanks to these herbal medicine for premature ejaculation treatment.

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