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About NaturPenis™

NaturPenis™ is a program of Kegel exercises that focus on regaining control over premature ejaculation. By strengthening the muscle, it helps to prevent problems with premature ejaculation and allows men to hold off their climax for longer.

Premature ejaculation is an uncomfortable problem that is going to make intercourse less pleasurable, but may even wreak havoc on your relationship. Premature ejaculation is a problem that often does not go away on its own, but it rather something that needs to be dealt with.

A study from Rome's Sapienza University in Italy found that even men who have lifelong premature ejaculation problems may find that Kegel exercises are able to offer some form of relief for this problem. This was presented recently to the International Society of Sexual Medicine and later presented at the European Congress of Urology in Stockholm.

The study found that at the start of the 12-week study, the average ejaculation time for the men in the study was 31.7 seconds. There were 40 participants, who ranged between ages 19 and 46. After trying the exercises for 12 weeks continuously, they managed to increase their average ejaculation time to 246.2 seconds.

Science Behind Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises, originally designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, have garnered attention for their potential impact on various aspects of male sexual health.


It's important to note that individual responses to Kegel exercises may vary, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. While these exercises show promise in addressing certain aspects of sexual health, men are advised to explore a holistic approach and consider other options, such as natural supplements, for a comprehensive strategy in managing premature ejaculation.


Ejaculation Control

Scientific studies indicate that regular practice of Kegel exercises may contribute to improved control over ejaculation. By targeting the pelvic floor muscles, individuals may enhance their ability to regulate the timing of ejaculation, presenting a promising avenue for those seeking strategies to address premature ejaculation.


Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Research suggests that incorporating Kegel exercises into a comprehensive treatment plan can be beneficial for managing premature ejaculation. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles may aid in delaying ejaculation and providing individuals with greater control over their sexual response.


Erectile Function Improvement

While primarily known for their impact on pelvic health, Kegel exercises may indirectly influence erectile function. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles could contribute to better blood flow and overall sexual function, potentially leading to improvements in erections.


Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Engaging in Kegel exercises involves a mindful connection with the pelvic region, promoting increased awareness and relaxation. This mindfulness element may help reduce stress and anxiety associated with sexual performance, fostering a more positive and confident mindset.


Performance Anxiety Alleviation

Addressing premature ejaculation often involves tackling performance anxiety. Kegel exercises, by fostering a mind-body connection and promoting muscle control, may play a role in alleviating anxiety related to sexual performance.


Reproductive Health Enhancement

Scientific literature suggests that a healthy pelvic floor is integral to reproductive health. While the direct link between Kegel exercises and overall reproductive health requires further exploration, the potential benefits of improved muscle tone and blood circulation may positively contribute to the overall sexual well-being of individuals.

Experience the science behind premature ejaculation treatment pills, and unlock your potential for controlled orgasms!

Premature Ejaculation Treatment

How does NaturPenis™ work?

We have to remember that the penis is a complex system with veins and arteries. These are important to the strength and size of your erection. When aroused, the brain releases a specific hormone that orders the body to pump blood to the penis.

This “swells” the penis and provides an erection. By increasing the capacity of the artery that causes an erection (the Corpora Cavernosa), it is possible to stimulate erections and control ejaculations.


When properly training with NaturPenis™, it can help decrease problems with premature ejaculation. Not only is the added training going to benefit you physically, knowing that you are prepared also plays an important emotional role.


When the person is feeling more confident about the fact that they are able to last longer, it will also remove some of the negative doubt about their situation.


The improved sexual stamina offered by NaturPenis™ results from the fact that it offers control over your ejaculations.


Given that you would not expect to be able to run a marathon if you have never trained for one, why would you imagine that you could withhold climax without training if you were unable to do so before? This is why training with NaturPenis™ is going to be a tremendous benefit.




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As with any exercise program, having the right exercises and performing them correctly makes all the difference.
NaturPenis™ is arguably the best option if you want to learn how to perform this training yourself.

NaturPenis™ Guarantee

  • NaturPenis™ Guarantee
  • NaturPenis™ Guarantee
  • NaturPenis™ Guarantee
  • NaturPenis™ Guarantee

Chances are that you have seen a number of different products before that promise to help with the treatment of premature ejaculation. The truth is that many of these online products simply do not produce the results that you may be looking for. Not only does NaturPenis™ have medical backing from a real Doctor of Clinical Psychology, it also offers a legitimate guarantee.

There are plenty of programs that promise that they work, but how many are willing to “put their money where their mouth is?” Since it was launched back in 2002, the NaturPenis™ program has been able to help thousands of people with problems related to premature ejaculation. The guarantee that NaturPenis™ offers is one of the best that you are going to find anywhere. They are so confident in the program's ability to work that they offer a 180 days guarantee that is entirely risk free.

The only thing that you have to do is be willing to try NaturPenis™ for 180 days. If you notice that you do not see the benefits that were promised, you get your money back. Not only are you working with a program that has a history of results, but you also have the benefit of using an established program that has been around for more than a decade.

Why not give NaturPenis™ a try and buy today? You'll have absolutely nothing to lose!

Results of Premature Ejaculation Treatment

Clinical Studies Prove NaturPenis™ Works to Successfully Treat Premature Ejaculation!

The European Hospital in Rome, Italy has been aware of the fact that specific exercises can help with premature ejaculation since 1996. With most muscle training, you can see the results for yourself. If you work out your biceps, you get bigger biceps. If you work out your core, you notice an increase in your overall stability. If you are going to work out your pelvic muscle, you cannot expect visual results, but you can expect overall results.

There was a study done at BJU International in 2005 that showed that NaturPenis™ could help with the treatment of premature ejaculation. The study incorporated men who were over the age of 20, who had experienced issues with premature ejaculation dysfunction for more than six months. The intervention group found that their erectile function was much better than the control group.

Another study done by the European Hospital in Rome, Italy found that 11 of 18 patients who struggled with premature ejaculation were able to control the ejaculatory reflex after only 15-20 sessions of pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Clinical Studies Prove NaturPenis™ Works to Successfully Treat Premature Ejaculation!
There are no side effects to this type of therapy and it is easy to perform.
These studies suggest that those who struggle with premature ejaculation should try NaturPenis™ Kegel exercises as their first effort to overcome the problem.

Stop Premature Ejaculation!

Premature ejaculation can wreak havoc on your love life, but it can also have negative effects on your personal life. Do away with crèmes or ointments that numb the actual pleasurable sensation of sex – for both you and your partner. Focus on a treatment that can help most men, without negative side effects.

Especially with the amazing money-back guarantee that you have with NaturPenis™, you are not taking any particular risks. You are able to see for yourself if this program is able to offer you the results that you want. Do not allow premature ejaculation to control your life, take back control with NaturPenis™. Get started today!

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